Policy and Public Engagement

Policy scholarship and published working papers

2011. Evan A. Laksmana, “Stirring from Beyond the Borders? American Military Assistance and Defense Reform in Indonesia,” Asia Centre Southeast Asia Observatory Study. (*Reviewed and recommended by Australia Strategic Policy Institute’s The Strategist)

2010. Evan A. Laksmana, “Dari Reformasi Militer Menuju Transformasi Pertahanan: Tantangan dan Prospek ke Depan“, [From Military Reform to Defense Transformation: Prospects and Challenges Ahead], Indonesian Review, Vol. 1: pp. 1 – 12

2009. Evan A. Laksmana, “Molding a Strategic and Professional Indonesian Military: Policy Options for the Next Administration”, The Indonesian Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 3 (August): pp. 352-363

2009. Evan A. Laksmana  “The Preponderance of Geography: Revisiting American Grand Strategy in Asia,” Working Paper No. 1 (Bangkok: American Studies Program, Institute of Security and International Studies, Chulalongkorn University)

2008. Evan A. Laksmana,  “Spoilers, Partners, and Pawns: Military Organizational Behaviour and Civil-Military Relations in Indonesia,” RSIS Working Paper No. 161 (Singapore: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies)

Published policy reports

2010. Evan A. Laksmana and Rizal Sukma, “The Quest for the “Middle Way”: Indonesian Perspectives on Current Developments in Myanmar,” in Current Realities and Future Possibilities in Burma/Myanmar: Perspectives from Asia,  Task Force on U.S. Policy toward Burma/ Myanmar (New York: The Asia Society)

2010. Evan A. Laksmana and Hadi Soesastro, “Indonesia” in Does Fairness Matter?, ed. Hakan Altinay, Global Economy and Development Working Paper, No. 40 (Washington: Brookings Institution), pp. 17-19

2008. Evan A. Laksmana and Leonard C. Sebastian (editors), The Future of Indonesia beyond 2014, RSIS Conference Report (Singapore: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies)

Essays, Commentaries, and Public Interest Articles


Selected Newspaper Op-eds

Indonesia’s defense policy and security affairs

Southeast Asian and Indo-Pacific security affairs

These essays and others are available at his blog Cardinal Assessments.

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